Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We had a beautiful three day weekend. And, now it's back to work. I am SO freaking out this week, because.... are you ready for this?...... Friday is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL.
I am beside myself with giddiness. We're ready for it. And boy do we have plans. We have so much fun to partake of.

We were able to go to the family cabin at Sundance this weekend. I LOVE it. I'm in heaven there. It's almost like my own little piece of Maine or New England saved just for me, but in Utah.
I started planting my vegetable garden this weekend, and hope to finish up today, and the house work..... OH the house work. And the ......er..... laundry...... the laundry that I was supposed to report back that it was finished......er...... not so much. I plead temporary insanity. I was playing all weekend with my husband and children. So, maybe I'm not so insane after all. It was a brilliant idea. To play. It was heavenly.

I'm working through the laundry today and hopefully will push through the last of the Spring Cleaning this week.

Just checking in. Lots of work to do around here, and lots of blogs to read, comments to make, emails to return, bills to pay.

Have a fantastic Tuesday.


Marie said...

ohhh, a cabin in Sundance in Utah sounds like heaven to me! Never mind the housework my dear. That will never change, but your babies . . . they will grow up and move out and you'll have plenty of time to do it then. Right now enjoy your wee ones, every single minute of them. Ohh, school finishes early there. It doesn't finish here until the middle of July!

I have a good life said...

It's awesome that you have your priorities straight! :) So glad you had a fun weekend. And...there's always lots to do. Also, it is awesome that you are so excited for the kids to be home. I can't wait, either. Two weeks left for us.

just jamie said...

You're the most excited grown-up I've ever known ready for the last day of school. :)

Sundance sounds wonderful. Screw the laundry! Keep playing!

Lindsey said...

Laundry, smaundry. I'm glad you had fun playing and the cabin sounds like a blast. Where are the pics????

Are You Serious! said...

♡ How fun to have a cabin! I love the outdoors and camping. :)

Holly said...

How cool to be able to get away. Completely jealous over here!

Klin said...

Friday. Last day of school. Dance Festival. Super fun way to start my summer.

Bring it on!

Ashley said...

What a nice place to get away. I hope you enjoyed it enough for all of us.