Friday, May 9, 2008

Break it UP.

I'm having a love affair with these storage bins..... well... maybe not exactly, but they are taking up A LOT of my time. I worked yesterday morning on the laundry. I folded 4 loads initially. Then washed, folded, and put away two more.

I made an Ikea run yesterday with a girlfriend, hauling our children right a long with us... and let me tell you this: What a GREAT day for a break. Getting out of the house was just what I needed. I woke up feeling off, and I've am now a firm believer that all work and no play makes Misty a dull a raunchy, irritable, fussy, cranky-pants girl. Initially we canceled our trip, and on a whim decided to go any way. It was a blast. I'm glad we went. For sure.

We ordered pizza in last night. Tired-ness got the best of me. The children played in and outside last night, and I finished sorting the out-grown clothes into bins, and I'm proud to announce that I am almost done.

I never got to the Spring Cleaning for the nursery, so I "plan" (so maybe, maybe not) to get to that this morning. I've got to shower and pick up around the house, and then I've got an old friend coming to visit with her 4 children to play for the afternoon.

I guess I'll scoot and get started, and look forward to taking the weekend off from my much- needed-Spring-Cleaning. This is exactly why I've been putting off all these chores for 2 months. I guess I didn't really do myself any favors.


Are You Serious! said...

♡ Everyone needs a break! It sounds like so much fun! (not the cleaning part but the playing part!) :)

Anna-borderline-bonkers-banana :) said...

OK, seriously this is what I should be doing...sorting clothes so I can get some put away, I m.u.s.t. get off the computer!

You ikea trip, sounds fantastic!

Lara said...

Sorting and binning kids' clothes is the worst job ever! I hope you are close to finished!

And yay for IKEA! Love that place!

Holly said...

Wow, so you did go! Good for you. I didn't do much of anything after we talked. Lazed around a bit. Spent most of this morning at the pediatrician's with the boys. Joy.

I really need to get myself moving today. I'm so not motivated... I may have to paint my nails a pretty pink... ;)

Cheri said...

Um. Have I mentioned that I need you? To come live with me. Have I mentioned it before? Because I. Need. To. Declutter. And. You. Know. How.

Plus you seem so nice.

Let me know how soon you can be here. Thanks.

Marie said...

You can't beat those big plastic storage bins! I have a few of those with all my craft stuff stored inside! You are doing so well with your cleaning. When you're finished there, feel free to come over and do mine! tee hee! Todd tries, God bless him, but well . . . a man never quite gets it the way we would does he . . . and I'm smart enough not to look a gift horse in the mouth!

Rhonda said...

We keep buying those big storage bins too and I can not keep enough of them around. We fill them up and up in the attic they go. Then, all over again... to Target>Purchase Bins>Fill Bins>Attic>Target> get the picture.

Happy Cleaning to You and Yours... lol. Looks like you are having a very productive week.

Kami said...

This is exactly why I avoid spring cleaning all together! It's too daunting. I prefer to little bits here and there. The drawback though is that I don't get to enjoy that freshly cleaned and organized feeling.


Have a great Mother's Day!

Mike and Angie said...

I had a great time Misty! Thanks for coming with me! We did get the couch and I was up until 3:45 last night putting all my books away and getting that room set up. I'm super tired today, but the house is getting closer to done...a couple more days and then I would love to have you over! XO Angie