Tuesday, June 24, 2008


My week is off to an exciting, yet exhausting start, and it's only Tuesday, right?

I got a job yesterday. Not the kind paid with kisses and hugs, but a "real-live-pay-you-cash" gig. It's work from home. In internet marketing. All work done via email. The pay isn't astounding, but it's enough to make wiggle... or cart wheel.... room in our budget. I train tomorrow. I've committed to 15 hours a week. This is a huge thing for my family. Huge. Just what I've been waiting for. So, if I don't get FIRED during my first 2 week probation period, we'll throw a party. For real.

My child. My sweet Olivia is right in the middle of sleep training. Friends, I'm not a fan, but seriously, there is no other way. When she was sick, and vomiting several times a night, I stuck her in my bed. A huge no-no, I'm no dummy. Mainly because it's not worth the fall out, but I didn't know what to do. If she was in my bed and coughed so hard she vomited, I could catch the barf in a hand towel. No need for change of bedding, no need to a mid-night bath. She'd hurl, I'd catch it, we'd both go back to sleep.

Trouble is. Here we are now. Pretty much ALL better. But still not sleeping. We've tried a bunk bed in Hannah's room, a bunk bed in the nursery with Ian. I tried her taking a nap in my bed, I even set up a small tv with a dvd player so she could watch a movie to fall asleep. She's not having it. She's not taking naps. She's waking up all hours of the night crying to be in my bed. Last night I decided to revert to the last thing that I knew worked. She's back in her crib. We share a little rock-a-by time. She sleeps. Except now she cries. And cries. And cries. She is now officially asleep, it only took 1 hour, and we're off. Off to enjoy the peace and quiet. But. I hate it. I hate the crying. I hate her feeling desperate, but we have to do it. This child was born with health problems that lead to the need for consistent rest. We all need it. She needs it. I need it. The older kids need it so they may have a break during the day. I am going to keep reminding myself that in a few days this will all be worth it. And it will. This I know is the right thing to do, even if it's the most hard.

And. I got a period. The first one in like, 6 months? The great news is my body can still do it. The bad news is I feel like hell. The good news is I still plan to head for my fertility treatments, the bad news I pushed it back a few weeks. There's hope though. Hope that things are looking up and working right. It's time to move forward.

I'm flying by the seat of my pants these days. Still working on spring cleaning, still enjoying summer. Trying to catch up rest due to many many sleepless nights, and doing my best to read, even if I can't comment, on your blogs. When life settles down, I'll have more of a presence in this lovely blog world.

Until then.....


Danielle-lee said...

Oh, the fall-out from letting them sleep with you sucks, huh? There was a bad storm the other night and my daughter woke up crying. I put her in our bed b/c I CANNOT do another night of sleeping on her floor, and now, every night: 'Momma, I want to sleep in YOURRRRRRR bed'. Ack. And she cries and cries when I leave her in her bed. So I totally understand. I hate to hear them cry and be desperate, but keep in mind-she is safe, she is okay, and she is not hurt. She will get over it, and she will fall asleep. NO guilt needed. :)

Congrats on the job! Not-so-congrats on the period. Ugh.

Mandi said...

The memories flood back!!! My 11 year old slept with me last night and the hubbie slept on the couch. She has had a tummy bug for a couple of days and just wanted some mum time (and I have been doing bookwork for a friend for the past couple of months and have been leaving after dinner and not getting home till about midnight almost every other night, hopefully this will end soon), but I think she just wanted a cuddle, so I let her. Then she got up about 2am and went to the bathroom and went straight into her own bed. I didnt go and wake the hubbie on the couch I left him be, OH how lovely to have the whole bed to myself!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats on the job, you will be fine, the first couple of months are always a trial but once you get into it you will do it with your eyes closed.

The period is a bonus and a curse, great its all working ok but that first one after a break is always YUKKY YUKKY YUKKY!!!!!

(Remember to take care of you babe),

Luv M.........xxxxx

Are You Serious! said...

♡ How frustrating! I hope that Olivia settles back into her regular speep routine again and quickly for yours & her sake! Good luck! Yay for a period... :)

Amy said...

Best of luck with your new job! I hope Olivia sleeps better for you!

LaskiGal said...

Yay on the job! I'm looking for the same type of thing. It is tough going, but I'm keeping at it :) Keep us updated. I know how every little bit helps!!!

As for sleep training, you must do what works best for you and her. I know you aren't a fan, but this too will pass :)

As for the period, what?!? Are we on the same schedule??? Just had mine! Last time I had a real one was November of 2006! Having one is a GOOD sign!!!


Marie said...

My youngest son slept with me most of the time for a long time. I say that loosely because I think he was the only one who slept. One that helped to get him past this was that his bedroom was directly across the hall from ours and I kept both doors open and moved the telly into ours. I placed his bed so that he could see our bed and then I sat on my bed and watched telly and waved to him in his own little bed periodically until he fell asleep. Probably not an ideal solution but what worked for me. He's 19 1/2 and sleeps on his own now. :-) (I bet he has some lovely memories of falling asleep with a waving mom in sight though!) Congrats on the job! I hope it works out to be wonderful for you!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

The sleep thing is hard, but don't worry you'll get there. She'll eventually want to sleep elsewhere, like when she's a teenager. ;-)

Seriously, it does get better. Hang in there.

Bren's Life said...

I feel your pain.. My 3 yr old wouldn't sleep longer than 1/2 hr at a time last night because on vacation last week. The condo had a huge king bed & she'd come in with us & I didn't care. Well now that we are home in our queen & she rolls & kicks, I keep putting her in her own bed & then laying with her for a little while. Another bad thing- but when all you want to do is sleep... So last night she cried & woke up all night. Wanting me to sleep with her..
Good luck with your new job & with getting sleep...

PokeyAnn said...

I HATE the whole crying/sleeping/thing. But we have to do it, no matter how many times we've done it, I still HATE it. I can't stand to listen to him cry and now that he throws out Mama and Daddy it's even more hard. I wish I could give you some amazing advice or something, all I can do is tell you I am with you in spirit holding you tight as our babies cry into the night.

kathy said...

Congrats on the job. I worked from home for 9 years on the internet and it was so nice to be home and do it when it is convenient but it takes a lot of commitment but I know you can do it. I hate it when kids are sick and they get better and you have to try to teach them to sleep again, it is so hard on mom. Good luck with both.

Anna-borderline-bonkers-banana :) said...

Yay on the job, good luck too.

Sleeping issues. That is our battle too. Kaitlyn hyperventilates if we let her cry too long and Ethan just doesn't stop crying if we let him cry it out.
I wish I knew how to get them to sleep without needing us so often.
Time I guess.

kathyann said...

Hi Misty,Congratulations on the job!
Sleep!It is so hard to know what to do,especially when little ones have been ill for awhile, but it is worth persevering and night time peace will get back to some normality!!most children like to cuddle up in mum and dad's bed,but you have to be strong willed and have patience if you want your own bed back!
Thanks for your comments on my blog,I knew you would understand how I felt,I really appreciated your love and support!
Love from Kathy and the girls

just jamie said...

I don't know how I missed this. Wow. A job! And fertility on the way. You're a rock star. Hope it's all going well.