Tuesday, June 10, 2008

From the house of....

In case you were wondering.... that would be pee. A diaper with leak control when your kid pees as much as the Hoover Damn holds? What ever. Not so much.

I'm alive. Kicking. Well. Busy. And hungry. Yes, hungry. I need to make myself some lunch.

Olivia is currently sleeping. We're having a bit of a go around with her as far as this new blissful summer schedule goes. She would like to omit nap time all together. Me? You've got to be kidding. After about an hour of bawling, she opted for nap time on my bed. I didn't let her screw around, either. A deal is a deal. No talking, no singing, no sitting up, no cuteness. Just sleep. I can handle that.

Tomorrow..... my BEAUTIFUL Hannah turns eight. Which means I officially need to get out of these jammies and get my butt into gear. When one of your BFFs calls and you tell them you've been farting around all day, it's time to switch to plan B, so here we go. We're having some favorite people over in the morning for a birthday breakfast. Favorite people over in the afternoon for a jaunt to the movie theater. And favorite people over in the evening for dinner and a little happy birthday-ing. I can smell fun in the air. Can't you? It's lovely.... or lover-ly, as I like to say.

Until my next post. Bring in on, Babes! Shoot me a comment and leave me a question for a little "q and a" action later in the week. Until then..... mounds of mushy loves headed your way.


Holly said...

Lunch is always a good thing. Feed yourself. Now. Ooooh, birthday fun. Woo hoo!

just jamie said...

Um, like *really* hungry? Like pregnant hungry? :)

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Misty said...

Jamie! You stinker. No..... not pregnant, but I WISH! My fertility appointment is June 27th at noon.

Lindsey said...

Dang...not pregnant yet. Just keep practicing:) *wink*

How did you meet your husband? (Full description)

Where would you like to vacation (pretent money is no object)?

Lindsey said...

Pretent is supposed to be PRETEND....Sorry I'm nursing a squirmy baby and typing. That's what I get for multi-tasking!

Mandi said...

So glad to see you back!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH!!!!!!!!!! Wishing you a wonderful day full of laughter and fun!!!

Amy said...

Hope you are well! Talking about lunch makes me hungry - I missed dinner!

Lynell said...

Your birthday plans do sound lover-ly. 8 is such a fun age.

I sure don't miss the leaky diaper stage. But I wouldn't mind putting my kids down for a nap now and then. Ü

Ashley said...

My kids try to skip nap time. Unexceptable!! I need the break from. So now we have an hour of quiet time. I do not care what they do as long as they are quiet. The baby of course has to nap or she gets cranky, weepy, cross, etc.

Laski said...

Awe man . . . I was sorta hoping that whole hunger thing was a sign!

Happy Birthday to Hannah!

What an awesome day planned--a whole lotta fun going on!

OK . . . here goes.

What would you be if you could be anything (career wise)?

With which animal do you most identify?

What is the best advice you have ever received?

If you could only give a five word or less description of yourself, what would it be?

OK. Done. Luv ya!

Klin said...

Birthday's are fun. Especially #8.

When was your last girlfriend lunch?

Are You Serious! said...

♡ Oowww! I want to know how you met your husband too!

Happy Birthday to your cute girl! She's just barely yonger than my oldest! How fun! :)

Marie said...

Ohhhh... Happy Birthday thoughts coming Hannah's way! Hope it's the best ever!
Question: What inspires you?

Danielle-lee said...

Happy birthday to Hannah!
I hate when diapers leak. Grrrr.
I love celebrating a birthday allll day! It's so fun!
Mmmm....food. :0)


Where were you born?
What were you like in high school?
What do you like to do in your spare (hahahahaha!) time?

PokeyAnn said...

How are you so energetic? You do so much and play so much with your kids, I want to do that too. And I'm right with ya on the nap and diaper wars *sigh*.

Charity said...

I wanna know more about you meeting Andrew lol