Thursday, June 19, 2008

Get Your Cabin On.

I nearly deleted my last post. Second guessing myself for sharing too much. Second guessing the harshness of the language. I didn't though. I thought about it, and really. I cuss some times, maybe even more than sometimes. You can get off the floor now. I have a potty mouth. Stuck with me from my pre-good girl days. And honestly. Harsh words for a harsh life. Harsh reality. So girls. You've got me. The good, not so good, bad, beautiful, and ugly. Some times it slips out, and it fits. It fits the evil, hell, torment I lived through for years. I'll own my history and the poor language. Some days it just fits. It fits the fight I have to fight daily, it fits my anger, and frustration over the situation. It fits the un-fairness of it all, the wrong I have to undo, and the childhood I was robbed, the heartache I was handed.

But. I'm about more than just that. So. On a lighter (and more lovely) note:

We escaped to our family this week. Our trip was cut short due to sickness. We're going back this weekend, or maybe next week. It's ours to use when ever we like, barring no other family has made exclusive plans, which is rare that they have. It's my home away from home. My suto-Maine if you will. It's my escape.

After days - no joke - days and nights with about 2 hours of sleep each, I had a melt down, which you witnessed through an honest post, I decided it was time for a break. Time to focus on the fun. Focus on the kids. Focus on that it doesn't matter that we have no schedule right now. Time to focus on the fact that I don't have to (re) sleep train Olivia until a later date. She won't sleep in her bed now after days of being sick. Some days it's better for me to decide that it all just doesn't matter. The kids got the extra love and attention that I'm sure they needed, and I let my brain unwind. I had a chance to redeem myself as friend, playmate, and mother. Win win situation right there.

So, hang on to your seats, because I have pictures. Many pictures, but this likely is the only sneak peek of the cabin you'll get this summer. We go there often, I won't bore you with each trip. Over loaded? Skip this part.

But, if you are interested, let me sweep you away to the cabin with me, even if only through pictures.


Marie said...

What a beautiful cabin Misty. You are so blessed in having such a lovely place to escape to when you need to. Your children all look so happy and loved. When I was a kid I never felt loved. I know now that I was and that my parents do love me, but I sure could have used that knowledge then. They were not very good communicators and when your parents are using up all their energy just to stick together and put up with each other they don't have a lot left to share with the kids. So, no I never knew I was loved or felt loved, probably why I jumped in and out of two lousy marriages! It was always really important to me that my own kids felt loved, every single day of their lives. I tried to help them feel that way anyways. Don't know if I succeeded or not!

Are You Serious! said...

♡ Great pictures! It looks like a fun time! SO BEAUTIFUL!

kathyann said...

Oh Misty what beautiful pictures of your children,they look so happy and contented!!!
You are so so lucky to have such a gorgeous place to go and unwind and in such perfect suroundings,the scenery is fabulous!
Hope you are all feeling much better!
Thanks for your comments Misty they are much appreciated!!!
Love to you and yours,from Kathy and the girls

Lindsey said...

What a wonderful place to let go of it all! I so enjoyed all your pictures. Your children just keep getting cuter!

I love ya, good, bad, ugly, whatever! Oh and I definitely have a potty mouth. Don't tell anyone:)

mysecondjournal said...

How beautiful..lucky dog.

Holly said...

A perfect get away. Love the pictures of the kids too.

And don't ever apologize for venting. Good grief. We all have melt downs, we all lose it.

I hope you're all feeling better!

Danielle-lee said...

Ooooo, pretty place. I'm jealous!
Hey, that's what friendship is all about-to me, anyway. The good friends I have had for years have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. It's impossible to put on this persona that you are 'all put together' and 'fine' all the time.

Klin said...

I want a cabin. I would love a place to run to when I needed a break.

Those are some beautiful pictures.

No worries about being real. I was in no way offended. I hear a lot worse than that at work and from some family members. It's just life for me.

Lara said...

It looks like heaven there, that's for sure.

You are blessed! I wish I had such a place to escape to!

PokeyAnn said...

Hi lovely! If you would like to feel much better about being a pottymouth then just find a way to view my life for the first two weeks we lived in AL, I was sure Little Dude was going to start spouting the F-bomb. I was going to give you a call and then you said you were headed up to the cabin, so I let it be. But I was there with ya in spirit the whole time giving you big hugs and crying with you. Thank you for being you, you are the first person who has ever gotten me, the whole enchilada and that means more to me than anyone can realize. I love you so much and I am so proud of you for getting up day in and day out and doing it again, and again and again. Because that is what we are doing and that is what is giving us these amazing children who are getting all the love they need and we need. You are fearless in you ability to be real and to face your reality. You are an inspiration to me! And I love the pictures of the mountains, I should post some pics of the trees here so you can see them, lol.

Ashley said...

A little R&R! It looks so wonerful and peaceful. I hope you all got some great family time together.

Mandi said...

Hey babe

DONT ever thing you need to justify any post you write. You are you and thats what everyone who values you loves. Potty mouth - well stand in line (behind me) I am just terrible!!! I was really good for about 5 years and now - not so good. Especially when I am pissed off, I really should try to be better but as you said some days thats what fits.

I love the photos, absolutely wonderful - I am so coming there!!!

Have a great week my friend and relax - we love you potty mouth and all!!!!!!!!!!!

Mandi said...

oops - that should say "think"

just jamie said...

Okay, I have serious cabin envy. And Hannah, Ian, and Olivia envy. And beautiful photos envy.

Enjoy! Truly.

(Now I'm off to read your cussy post...) ;)

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I wouldn't mind cabin fever so much if it was in a cabin like this. The pics are fantastic!

kathy said...

I am just so inspired by your blog. I love all of the pictures of your kids. They are great. I also just love your quotes. Your blog is truly inspiring to me. Thanks so much for sharing.

Kami said...

Misty, I have a terrible potty mouth too! It gets me in trouble a lot :-)

Your cabin is beautiful, what a spot! I enjoyed all the pictures, the kids look so very happy which I think you should wear as a badge.

You done good girlfriend!

Thanks for keeping it real :-)

Anna-borderline-bonkers-banana :) said...

Absolutely breathtaking!!! I would not be bored for even a minute if you posted cabin photos every day. Stunning!!!
Makes our cabin look like a crappy shack!
I can only imagine the escape feeling you must get.
About the potty mouth.
I have one too, but I keep it to myself now. It is sooooo hard!

Bren's Life said...

What amazing pictures. I love the waterfalls & how green it is.. So Beautiful! Your kids are so happy & having so much fun..

Jen said...

Great pictures!!