Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Here is my little Olivia, sleeping, yet again at 9:00am. I'm hoping she soon discovers that getting up at 5am is overrated. Very.

I've been thinking, yet again, about blogging, and about the aspect of while posting, it makes me feel vulnerable. I find myself worrying that I may write too much, too little. I worry that some lose interest in reading. I worry if I'm sharing too much of myself. What if I am? It that a smart choice?

And while I was becoming more and more concerned about those of you that read my blog, I stopped myself, reigned myself in, and realized that really..... it's not about the me and you, is it? This is one place where I get to take FULL credit. This is my safe haven to share, where I should throw caution to the wind, and purge with out fear of offending or boring or misunderstanding. This is my safe place to continue on the road to healing, which I fully intend to do.... with a little less worry of the "you and me" and a little more worry about my soul and my recovery. I've been so touched to have you with me, and if you still want to, let's carry on... together.


Cheri said...

I'm here.

Mandi said...

Just wanted to let you know yes you read the right post!!! There are 16 other chapters that follow that opening page - One day I might have the courage to publish all of it.
As for your sharing - keep doing it, it gives me the strength to hope that one day I can be as honest as you are!!! Is that selfish of me???
You have such a beautiful way with words, your write with such clarity and strength and you make me want to keep reading apart from wanting to make sure that you are in my life because I think there is a reason I read your post via Lindas blog.
Know that I am here for you - rain or shine, we all have good days and bad and when you need shelter from the rain I will be there to keep you dry.
Have a wonderful weekend my new friend........thinking of you, and believe it or not you give me strength to deal with my "stuff".
THANKYOU - Luv Mandi......xx

Amy said...

Hope you are having a great week. Teach that girl to sleep!!! he he he

LaskiGal said...

I love traveling with you! You know I do <3 . . .

Now, if only I can teach J that getting up at 1 am, 3 am, and 5 am is REALLY overrated!

Lindsey said...

Write on, sister, write on!!

just jamie said...

Olivia is looking very delicious. Love a sleeping baby picture.

And Misty, Just.Keep.Going. It's about you.

I'm here. You know that.

Lori said...

got to love sleeping pictures.

you have to look at your blog as a journal that others get to peek into. If people aren't interested in what you are writing then they don't have to read it. You should write it because it's what you want to say and share not because it's what you think your readers want to read

Lynell said...

She is beautiful. I felt happy the moment her picture came up. So peaceful, with out a care!

We are here for you on your path to the same place. You deserve to feel that peacefulness. Don't worry about what anybody else thinks. You have enough on your plate. You do what is best for you and the rest of us will be better because of it!

Misty said...

Lori and Lynell,

Can I say PERFECT comments? I could have said it better myself.

xo Misty

Misty said...

NOT.... not, not, I could have NOT said it better myself.

I better go dig out a Diet Coke and WAKE up!

I have a good life said...

A blog is a place where you can be completely you. It is very impowering to be completely who you are and realize that people love you just as much! So...write as little, as much, etc as you want. I'll read it! :)

Rhonda said...

You are so right. It is just a place for you and your thoughts that you share. Which is a generous thing.

Blogging is tricky at best, and you said it correctly that posting at times will make you vulnerable. As I know all too well... however, that is part of it and I guess as women we come together and try and buoy one another up to a higher level.

Hang in there. Keep posting for all those reasons you stated! Readers will appreciate your honesty.

It beautiful here in Connecticut, how about Utah?

Holly said...

Ok, so I'm back. And, yes, keep on blogging. This is your blog, not anyone else's. Do and say what you want. We all love you no matter what. Share, vent, whatever. This blog is for you and we, as your friends, get to benefit from it!

I love sleeping child pictures!

utmommy said...

This is your blog, you do what you want and what you need with it. We're all hear to listen.

Hope there is more sleeping at 5a.m. in your house!

Kami said...


there is no such thing here as to much or too little because as you say, it's all yours.

We are here, no matter what!

Love the sleeping shots! They are so precious when they are sleeping.

linda said...

Being awake at 5am is indeed overrated...I start work at that time so I know!

Your blog/posts are perfect just the way they are. One day when you turn your words into a book (and you can but I don't remember what it's called) you will be able to look back and see how much you've grown as a wife, mother, and child of God. You won't even recognize yourself because truthfully, there is no better revenge than living a good, decent, and productive life. And that's exactly what you have ahead of you!

Anna-borderline-bonkers-banana :) said...

You said it so well! I have been thin king the same thing about blogging, I go through it every few months.
I think your posts are fantastic, real, and that is what counts in my books.

Klin said...

I am for sleeping at 5 AM. and 6 AM and 7 AM, but I must get up at 6:30 AM to get the kiddos off to school.

Keep blogging. I have a feeling it is part of the healing. {{Misty}}

Mary said...

I switched google reader accounts and finally have all my people added! You included :)

Misty, you keep blogging what YOU want to blog! Whatever makes you feel better :)

And yes, I couldn't agree with you more.......5 am is SOOOOOooooo overrated! I hope Olivia realizes it too :)

Cecily R said...

I say write what you need to and don't apologize. We come because we admire your strength and want to read what you have to say. If I didn't I wouldn't come.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the sleepy pictures. Can you let me in on the secret? Evie still wakes up at about 3 and 6 every morning. 6 isn't so bad but I don't get the big kids up til 7:30 so that extra hour and a half can be frusterating some mornings!!!