Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Go Lucky.

Ian: Mom, why are you taking this picture?
Me: Just because.....
Ian: You're going to put it on your blog, aren't you??

Um, yes, dear, I am. Party because I am nuts, and party because I feel it is my blogging/motherly duty to show my fellow mother-of-boys what can happen when little ones decided to play "cops" outside, on the drive way. Do I hear an "ouch"?

I can't believe the posts I need to comment on from you fine ladies. My google reader is bursting at the seams. My fantastic week of Spring Break has finally caught up with me, and I've started the game of catch up this week.

The house work hasn't bothered me, and I'm getting bursts of yard work done in between the mundane. My laundry is as caught up as it can be. Initially I had this mountain to fold, yet it's folded now, and I have several loads I'm working through both machines, but I'm keeping right on top of it.

If I can get my rear in gear this week I still have 2 posts from Spring Break to get together.... our zoo trip and also a post about our adventures at the carnival. Testing is upon us now at school, so we've been busily studying in preparation.

I've got dinner planned out for tonight.... pork chops, mashed potatoes, and steamed broccoli. We're going to make no-bake cookies for dessert, or bake a cake.

Filling my role as Betty Crocker this week, thus far, has been a pleasure. I'll take these days as they come.... some days that kind of attitude doesn't come around often enough.

On a more serious note, I've appreciated your comments on my last post, in regards to the Dr. Phil special outing a suspected pedophile. While I know there are scads of information out there about sexual abuse, I encourage you to educate yourselves more and more. It is FAR more likely that your child is to be molested by some one you KNOW... a family member or friend of the family. Know the warning signs and the dangers. Admittedly, shows of such content, make me ill and uncomfortable just as they make you, but I find them a good reminder to know that the evil exists, and not only exists, but is extremely prevalent. Surviving sexual abuse myself, it is one of my many missions in life to protect my children from the same harm.

Look forward to catching up on my blog reads later tonight.


Mandi said...


I so agree with the last paragraph of your post, yes it breaks all our hearts to have to watch and see these programs but think about actually living through it, you know what that is like, the information you give us will educate us to make sure our children and little loved ones ar protected - something you say might just trigger us to realise something isnt right - THANK YOU XXX

Impressed with the Betty Crocker efforts!!! I am so bad a baking - can only do it from a box!!!! Actually my husband decided to do some baking yesterday (still out of a box), he and our youngest decided to make a cake after school - the problem is - they dont cook it!!!

Nope, they mix up the batter and all sit there with spoons and eat it - not fighting over who gets to lick the bowl - because there is a whole bowl of mix!!! I only found out because they couldnt eat it all and put the bowl in the fridge for later!!!

Oh dear, what am I to do.......

Take care........xxxx

Lindsey said...

He's a cutie even with his boo-boo, especially with his boo-boo!!!

May I come over for dinner?? Tell me what time....

Cheri said...

I will not play cops on the driveway ever again.

just jamie said...

Oh no Ian. Ouch is right. Poor guy.

Betty Crocker comes in the form of a box of cookies around here (which I just ate an entire row of). I'm impressed with your dinner. I need serious intervention in that department. Isn't cereal a perfectly good dinner?

Love you!

Are You Serious! said...

♡ Poor IAN!!! OUCH... Eliza did that same thing only she was running at the church...

I'm with you I don't think you can be TOO careful when it comes to the safety of your children!

Lara said...

All major owies must be blogged. It's an unwritten rule. :) Poor guy...hope he heals up fast!

And I hope you recover from your amazing spring break! :)

Amy said...

Oh your poor little guy - I hope it doesn't hurt!

I hope you are all well and I am glad you had a great spring break!

Mandi said...

I just read your comment on my post - you made me feel so much better!!! HA HA

I bought my very first brand new car in 2006 (there is a picture of it on my post titled - teaching teenagers to drive)so I am lucky because its really fuel efficient, I fill it up probably once every three weeks so its not too bad!!!
Take care, M.....xx

Marie said...

Way to go Betty Crocker! I'm with you on your last paragraph. I think stuff like this has always been happening but we just haven't known about it. I applaud people like Dr Phil for giving this plight a voice and making people aware of what's going on. WE can't fix what we don't know about. (((hugs))) I hope you wee one was not hurt as badly as it looks!!! Hope it's better sooner than soon!

LaskiGal said...

OUCH! But, many boys love their "war" wounds.

So yesterday J was tipped over in his little chair (still strapped in--he was trying to escape--he wasn't hurt). My first urge was to grab the camera . . . that was bad, wasn't it?!?

I AGREE wholeheartedly with you . . . because it is uncomfortable we tend not to talk about it and NOT talking about it, means that we often can end up ignoring the signs.

Can't wait to hear about the rest of your break!!! (ooohhh . . . I made a cake last night--ate half of it last night, too).

Kami said...

OUCH! That might be an understatement though he looks very unruffled in the picture so he recovered well:-)

Boys will be boys won't they!


I know what you mean on catching up on blogs. I took the weekend off and had 70 some posts in my reader. ACK!

Klin said...

Reminds me of the evidence of play my boys used to have. I love his smile.

Very true about the sexual abuse perpetrator. You gave a good warning. It's usually who you think it isn't.