Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh Baby.

As a result of my fertility appointment a couple weeks ago:

Ian: Mom, why did we go to see your doctor today?
Me: He gave me some pills to help me get pregnant.
Ian: I know what those pills are called.
Me: Really?
Ian: They are called pregnant pills, Mom.

Cuddling on the bed last week:

Ian: Mom, how do you get pregnant?
Me: carefully thinking, deciding to cop out, I don't know son. I just pee on a stick and it tells me if I am pregnant or not.
Ian: That is really nasty.
Me: I know.

I'm not ready to pee on the stick yet. In about 6-8 weeks I may have some news.


just jamie said...

I thought of you today. I saw a family that I swear had a look-alike to Hannah, Ian, and Olivia. They had bby #4 on the way. I saw it as a good sign for you. Sooooo hoping for the two lines on the stick for ya!

Kami said...

Aw, that's cute, pregnant pills! I wish my hubby would be up for that!

Good luck and look forward to the news!

Heather said...

LOL@ "I don't know son". I wish I had thought of saying that to my kid! =D

4funboys said...

how sweet...

My friend just adopted a baby (She's the one I made the Baby book for on my blog. I'll post her link so you can read her story-- after I fix the mess I've made of it... Here's the modified version)

A little boy saw her out walking the baby.

He asked, "Is that your baby?"

"Yes," she replied?

" So you're her mom? I mean, she came from your tummy?" he asked. Confused because he sees her often, and he wanted to know where it came from.

She smiles and responds, "Yes, I'm a mommy now."

After thinking a while...

The boy asks, "Where did she come from?"

She said the most touching thing I've heard in a while...

"yes..." she answered again.
"I'm Ella's mom... she came from heart!"

And that my friend... is the best answer I've ever heard about where babies come from!

Isn't that awesome!

Sending lots of prayers your way... for the good news you'll be posting after you pee on your stick...*grin* (I'm with your son on that part, I've always thought it's nasty too-- but you'll just be too excited about your baby to think about that)

Best wishes...

Mandi said...

Loved this post Misty........if only he knew thats not the nastiest thing we have to go through with the whole having children experience, but best not fill him in on all that just yet!!

:) have a wonderful weekend my

kathyann said...

Oh Misty,I love your kids and what a great answer from a great mum lol
I hope and pray you get good news in a few weeks in the mean time take care!
Love and Blessings from Kathy and the girls

Holly said...

Fingers crossed!!!

Are You Serious! said...

♡ i think that's the perfect cop out! :) Love his questions! :)

TUTU Monkey said...

I have been down this road myself.....I am wishing you the very best....:)

My Full Hands said...

PS I left something for you on my blog. Please stop by soon :)

Anna-borderline-bonkers-banana :) said...

Pregnancy pills and peeing on a stick, oh Misty you crack me up and I must say Ian does too, too cute!

Anonymous said...

How sweet is that? :)