Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bird Brain.

It's been a long week. For many reasons, I guess. I've been meaning to post, but I just wasn't feeling it. Above is Beatrice. I spent some time with one of my girlfriends today taking some pictures of her birds. It was a nice way to escape. I forget I love photography, and then I get behind the camera, and feel a peace that is comforting.

It's funny when I find time to sit and think, my mind often wanders back to my childhood. I felt satisfaction tonight, placing a meal on the table, and watching my family eat and enjoy. I thought back to when I was a kid, and knowing what Sunday dinner meant at my house. It meant a pot full of all of the weeks leftovers, mixed together, as some sort of slop. Not my kind of "Sunday Family Dinner". I'm thankful I have more.

This week I've thought a lot about burial plans for my baby.... whether we are going to go the traditional route or cremation. It's tricky living in such a religious community - I feel like I have people breathing down my neck. I don't want to know what they think is a righteous or more main stream choice. I fully plan to do exactly what I want, which is what will be the very best for me and my family, me and my baby.

I'm back into the normal swing of house work, although the more round I get, the more hard it is to clean. I feel more comfortable in my own skin when the house is in order. I felt peaceful shoving in a load of clothes to wash for the kids and Andrew tonight. I feel thankful that I have clothes to wash and dishes to do, and messes to pick up off the floor. It means my home is full, and that is just how I like it to be.


Are You Serious! said...

♥ I always feel so much better when my house is clean too. Now if i could just keep it that way. :)

Cheryl said...

You are truly amazing, your beauty pours out of this post, I am humbled.

I love Sunday dinner too.

Debbie said...

I love the tender mercies that our Heavenly Father gives to us like Peace. I wish I could find peace cleaning the toilets or scrubbing the shower. I also love a house of order! Have a great day!

Celia said...

I also love a clean house but, for some reason, it never stays that way!! Our house is lovingly cluttered with the fun things that my kids do throughout the day that never quite seem to make it to their rightful places by the end of it. It gets there eventually, only to be brought out again the next day or the day after! LOL!

I too am falling back into the rhythm of a sense of normalcy. It was bound to happen. I am also coming to accept this trial and have a sense of freedom in talking about my baby and making the plans for his future (even though it will not be with me). I know that God's ways are not mine and he loves my little Noah so much more than I even could (wow). He loves me so very much too and he will be here for me through this whole experience. He definitely will see us through this!

I will pray that whatever you decide for Isaac that there will be peace and understanding from others.

And aren't Sunday dinners just the greatest?!

Holly said...

I guess we're back to "normal" now too. But really, it's a new and different kind of normal than what it was before. I know you'll come to a decision about what is best for your baby boy and your family. Sometimes people just need to butt out, honestly. That decision has nothing to do w/ them.

I feel better too when my house is clean and tidy. It just feels refreshing.

Lindsey said...

I am with you. Do what you want and what works for your family whatever that might be. I am thankful for a full house as well. Great post;)

Kami said...

Ick, the Sunday slop doesn't sound appealing, not blaming your for not missing that.

You do what is right for you, I am pretty sure God doesn't care how you bury your prince, it's people who do and the only ones that count are you and Andrew. Ahem, not that I am opinionated about that or anything ;-)

I am glad that you taking joy in the small things, they are what keep you going girlfriend!

Love always!

Anonymous said...

Yes!-do what is best for YOU and your family. Everyone else needs to butt out.
I love a clean house too, but omg, it's next to impossible. I have NO IDEA what I will do when I have another child; my house will be a total mess!!
Love to you, Misty!

Jason, as himself said...

Agreed. Don't let them bully or guilt you into doing what they think you should do. Listen to your heart and the heart of your family. Then follow it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the rest. YOU have to do what is best for YOU and YOUR FAMILY. Sending prayers and hugs :)

Peace be with you

American Home said...

I enjoy your blog so much that I have added it to my "Great Places to Visit" list.
Have a great day.

Eliot's Mom said...

All I can think about when I see the picture of the bird is the freaky experience you had with it (or another bird?!) when you were bird-sitting. Grant and I still joke around sometimes and say in our best bird voices, "He-lo-o!". Did that even make sense (do you remember the "bird attack" incident?!)?

Amy said...

What a beautiful view of be grateful that your house is full.